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Nothing is More Important Than The Security of Your Data

At Desire2Learn there is nothing more important than the security of our client’s data. We have always taken security very seriously and use an approach that puts our client’s security and privacy first. Our process works, as is demonstrated through our 12-year track record of delivering solid security to all our clients – self and cloud hosted.

At Desire2Learn security reviews are done on each and every release. In addition to internal audits, we work with numerous clients and support 3rd party audits of their own learning environments in the quest to ensure no security issue will go undetected.

All security issues that are discovered or reported follow a strict process:

  • The identified security issue is fully assessed and documented
  • The issue is assigned to an emergency response team for resolution
  • The fix is automatically rolled out globally to all of our cloud and self-hosted clients, unless they have indicated that they wish to delay the update

Our process has been developed based on the needs of our clients and the most effective way of keeping their data private and secure.

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