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The Desire2Learn Advantage


D2L Office

Physical Workplace

Desire2Learn offers a cool office space featuring an employee lounge/cafeteria with free healthy snacks every day; fruit and veggie platters every Monday, Wednesday and Friday; free organic and fair-trade coffee and tea; self-serve kitchen areas on each floor; as well as subsidized beverage vending machines that fund Social Committee Events. Our head office is located in a convenient area of downtown Kitchener where it’s a short walk to cafés, shops and restaurants. Full-time employees will receive free parking, although the office is easily accessible by the public transit system.

Employees are free to take a break and enjoy the free snacks, relax on the rooftop patio (complete with BBQs and hammocks!), or challenge a teammate to a game of ping pong, foosball or air hockey.

Work Atmosphere

Our open concept office reflects the open-mindedness and approachability of our teams and management. Employees enjoy an energetic and fun environment where the dress code is casual and there are lots of opportunities to participate in many organized social events. The company-subsidized Social Committee sponsors a variety of social events for employees every year including an annual canoe rally, golf tournament, potluck lunches in the park, company BBQs, delicious birthday cakes each month, family picnic, bus trips to sporting events, discounted theme park tickets, skating parties, and much much more.


Desire2Learn also hosts an annual “Winterfest” party at the end of the year which includes a dinner and dance for employees and their guests. In addition to this, we have a Kids Holiday Party for employees and their children. Families can take part in crafts and games, as well as visit with Santa!

Plus, we are dog friendly! Our employees can bring in their dogs which promotes a collaborative and connected environment for all; be sure to stop and visit with a dog who is hanging out in the office!

Benefits & Perks


Financial Benefits & Compensation

Desire2Learn participates in outside salary surveys and individual salaries are reviewed every 12 months, or more frequently as needed. We are committed to ensuring our salaries are competitive in today's market. Desire2Learn provides a variable incentive program in the form of year-end bonuses for eligible employees.

Help with retirement planning is provided through a dollar-for-dollar RRSP/401K matching program. In addition, we offer life & disability insurance, the use of a BlackBerry with service and usage fees included for many employees, a patent incentive program (inventor's bonus) and sales incentive program.

Desire2Learn pays for every employee's home internet to ensure all employees have good home connectivity. We provide free parking, however for those employees who do not have to drive to work, we offer employees a financial eco-bonus. That's right: we pay you not to drive which reduces our carbon footprint! Public transit is close to the office. If you only want to walk or ride your bike in the summer, then we will prorate this amount.

We offer our employees generous referral bonuses when they refer a candidate who is hired. Our Superstars are helping us to grow and getting paid to do it!

Health & Family-Friendly Benefits

Desire2Learn has employees throughout the world and we strive to ensure that our employees have access to health benefit coverage. The benefit plans will differ based on the employee's location. There may be a waiting period for new employees joining the health benefit plan; the length of the waiting period will depend on the employee's location.

Our Canadian employees are eligible for a health benefit plan that includes coverage for routine dental services, as well as basic and major coverage for a variety of dental items; eye care; traditional medicine coverage; alternative medicine coverage; massage therapy; medical equipment and supplies; homecare; employee assistance (EAP) plan; and, travel insurance. As part of this health plan, Desire2Learn pays 100% of the premiums.


Family-friendly benefits include flexible working hours and shortened work weeks (fewer hours with less pay) after returning from parental leave. The ability to work from home is also an option for some employees, allowing for reduced commuting times.


Training & Skills Development

Employees receive tuition subsidies of up to 100% for courses/training related to their position. Desire2Learn also assists employees' career development with subsidies for professional accreditations, in-house training programs, peer-to-peer groups, association memberships, and industry conferences.

Desire2Learn offers free eLearning courses on a variety of topics through our own software: Desire2Learn Learning Environment. These courses are created by employees for employees, providing a great opportunity to share knowledge throughout the company.

Impacting our Community and Environment


Not only does Desire2Learn make a positive impact on teaching and learning around the world, but we also take the initiative to make an impact within our local community through supporting charities and being environmental aware.

Desire2Learn is a major supporter of a variety of local charitable initiatives. There is an employee-run charitable committee called ACTION (Active Care Team In Our Neighbourhood) which supports a number of charitable and community organizations each year through company sponsorship, fundraising activities and employee time and commitment. As part of ACTION, a group of employees meet regularly to review new proposals and plan upcoming charitable events. The committee primarily focuses on initiatives that enhance science, math, and technology skills in students, enhance the well-being of families and children in the local area and organizations that are of personal significance to our employees.

Desire2Learn's Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC) assists with making sound environmental decisions in the ongoing growth of computer and office hardware in addition to promoting conservation and green attitudes among employees. We are striving to do everything we can to reduce our carbon footprint; join Desire2Learn and help us make an impact on the world!

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