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Desire2Learn EduDentity

Desire2Learn EduDentity is an account management service used by applications like Desire2Learn Binder, Desire2Learn Assignment Grader, and myDesire2Learn to provide a secure and seamless experience.

Create and manage your EduDentity account through one of the exciting products listed below.


Discover products that use EduDentity


Desire2Learn Binder

Equipped with essential annotation and organization tools and completely integrated with Learning Environment, Desire2Learn Binder is a powerful and intuitive mobile application that enables learners to interact with course documents, eTextbooks and more, whenever and wherever it's convenient.

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Desire2Learn Assignment Grader

Complete your student assessment - wherever it's convenient. Streamline and simplify grading time with the convenience of having offline, mobile access to digital student submissions from your iPad device.

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myDesire2Learn is a free service that enables students to export their enterprise ePortfolio to a cloud-hosted ePortfolio environment - taking with them at graduation the ongoing ability to learn, share and collaborate with like-minded individuals. It truly is lifelong learning for ePortfolio students.

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Desire2Learn Open Courses

Desire2learn Open Courses provides a comprehensive environment for the delivery and management of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). Open Courses enable an institution to offer structured courses and content to expansive student audiences, providing them with an opportunity to participate in quality educational experiences.

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