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Personalized learning, everywhere

Introducing the world’s first truly Integrated Learning Platform.

With an open platform that connects the entire learning community to a global ecosystem of solutions and resources, institutions are able to anticipate emerging trends in education with flexible delivery models, adaptive environments, predictive tools, and a “one-size-fits-me” approach for every learner.

As an integrated suite of solutions for fully-online, blended, or in-class settings, the platform offers the most robust collection of e-Learning products in the industry today.

Core Learning Platform Learning Environment Learning Repository ePortfolio Mobile Insights Capture

What We Offer

Desire2Learn Learning Environment

The industry's most user-friendly, intuitive learning environment is also the core of Desire2Learn Learning Suite. Equipped with unparalleled and sophisticated course design capabilities, extensive reporting, assessment and collaboration options, and seamlessly-integrated mobile capabilities, Desire2Learn Learning Environment has the flexibility to support your institution’s unique learning preferences.

I’m looking for a learning environment that does it all.

Desire2Learn ePortfolio

Take informal learning to the next level with this powerful user-centered social learning tool. Store, organize, reflect on, and share items that represent the lifelong learner's experiences, goals, and progress.

I want to harness the power of social learning.

Desire2Learn Insights™

Go beyond traditional reporting to provide predictive analytics and data transparency. Put actionable information into the hands of educators to develop class awareness and retention strategies, identify intervention needs, meet compliance requirements, and much more.

I need meaningful data insights.

Desire2Learn Learning Repository

Collect, manage, and share learning resources effectively, re-use existing internal learning materials efficiently, and connect to external OERs seamlessly.

I love exchanging learning resources.

Desire2Learn Campus Life

Your campus, anywhere - even if you don’t have in-house mobile expertise. Quickly build and deploy an engaging, branded mobile app that serves the entire campus community.

My learners want the best mobile experience.

Desire2Learn Capture

Extend the global reach of your organization by effortlessly capturing and broadcasting engaging, rich media lectures and presentations to local and remote audiences: both live and on-demand.

I want to provide an engaging experience.

Global Services

Our clients support a mobile, technologically-aware, and increasingly-demanding learner population. Our development experts can work with you to create the customized, high-impact learning experiences your learners require.

I have a great idea.

Open Platform

With the best educational product ecosystem on the market, we offer innovative learning solutions and customized utilities that you can use to create, enhance, and streamline your learning environment.

I want to do more.

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Desire2Learn Binder™

A personalized, interactive and mobile learning tool.

Desire2Learn Assignment Grader

On-the-go grading made easy.

Desire2Learn Degree Compass™

Guide student success in a way never thought possible.



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