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Desire2Learn Insights

Desire2Learn Insights™ offers a powerful suite of high-performance reports, rich data visualizations and predictive analytic capabilities that enable institutions to discover rich and meaningful insight about the integrity of their learning environment and deliver a perceptive, next generation experience.

With the ability to harness the big data available in your learning environment, Insights’ dynamic, outcomes-based reports enable key stakeholders to establish, track, measure and assess achievement across course, program or institution-level.

While your focus for improvement might be accreditation support, program design and delivery, or mentoring at-risk learners – whatever the need – Desire2Learn Insights expertly transforms your learning environment data into actionable insights that guide new opportunities for learner and institutional success.

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With Desire2Learn Insights users can:


Understand Learner Behaviour

Enhanced perspectives on big data lead to a deeper understanding of learner engagement, achievement, and success within the learning environment


Make Data-Driven Decisions

Powerful data-analysis and intelligence tools guide institutions to make strategic academic improvements to the learning environment


Take Prescriptive Action

Detailed, on-demand, and customizable reports help institutions target learning domains critical to learner success and institutional effectiveness


Drive Continuous Quality Enhancements

Ongoing analysis of the learning environment creates focused opportunities for improvement to the design and delivery of course and program offerings




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