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Accessible HTML Templates

The following template packages were designed by Desire2Learn to make it easier for course instructors to create accessible, professional looking HTML content files.

The templates use a cascading style sheet (CSS) to format the content in HTML files. To use a template effectively, you must save the TemplateFiles folder containing the stylesheet.css file and supporting images in the same root folder as your HTML files and reference the CSS file appropriate.


  • If you upload a template package to the Manage Files area for a course and unzip it, it will be structured properly and the sample files will reference the CSS file correctly.
  • All of the template packages use the same folder structure and folder name “TemplateFiles.” This makes it easy to swap out your CSS files for different CSS files if you want to change the appearance of your course content files. However, it also means you should only have one template package saved in Manage Files at a time.

Available Templates

To the extent possible under law, Desire2Learn Incorporated has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to the accessibility templates listed above.


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