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Accessibility Standards Compliance

Desire2Learn is committed to reporting our web accessibility compliance openly and transparently. We believe that accessibility standards and laws are more than checklists and work with our client-led Accessibility Interest Group to ensure our Section 508 VPATs and WCAG 2.0 checklists are descriptive and accurate.

Desire2Learn Attains National Federation of the Blind Nonvisual Accessibility (NVA) Gold Level Web Certification

The National Federation of the Blind (NFB), one of the world's leading advocates for Internet access by blind Americans, has awarded the Gold Level NFB-NVA Certification to Desire2Learn for Desire2Learn Learning Suite 9.4.

"The National Federation of the Blind commends Desire2Learn for ensuring equal access to its platform and demonstrating a tangible commitment to equal education for everyone," states Dr. Marc Maurer, President of the NFB. "If blind students are to succeed in the modern education system, they must have access to the same technology that is used by their sighted peers. Desire2Learn incorporates that assurance in its platform."

With this certification, institutions have external verification of the Desire2Learn commitment to accessibility. Institutions with concern ensuring legal obligations regarding accessibility are addressed within the learning management system (LMS), can also reference this certification.

NFB-NVA Certified - Gold Level



Accessibility Standards Compliance

We offer open and transparent web compliance

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Accessibility Resources for Individuals with Disabilities

Technologies should never limit learning opportunities

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Accessibility Resources for Instructors

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