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Desire2Learn Capture

Desire2Learn Capture is a presentation capture and webcasting solution that enables you to effortlessly capture rich-media presentations — with audio, video and visual aids — and broadcast them to online audiences, live and on-demand.

As part of Desire2Learn’s Integrated Learning Platform, Capture allows presentations to be created, edited, and viewed within Desire2Learn Learning Environment and shared in courses or on external websites and content management systems. Desire2Learn Capture is an ideal solution for lecture capture, distance learning, or supporting a blended learning strategy for staff onboarding and professional development.

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Desire2Learn Capture in Action


See For Yourself What Desire2Learn Capture Can Do

Online audiences can access presentations live and on demand from their device of choice, select their preferred viewing mode, and use the deep search and navigation features to quickly locate the exact point when a topic was discussed.


Try it for yourself below.

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View more presentations in the CaptureCast Library

With Desire2Learn Capture you can:


Enhance and Extend Existing Instructional Activity

Rich-media content allows learners to view, review or closely examine course content.


Provide a Front Row Experience to the Online Audience

Presenters are empowered to speak and connect directly with their audience, wherever they happen to be.


Improve Knowledge Retention

Learners are allowed to focus more on listening during a lecture and less on note-taking.


Offer New Flexibility to the Learner

Provides convenience, flexibility, and accessibility for learners, letting them view content when their schedules allow.


Increase Enrollment and Scope

Serve many more learners through online participation without restrictions like room size or seats available.

Go Mobile

Go Mobile

Learners have anytime, anywhere access to the content they need across a wide range of devices.

Desire2Learn Capture Components




Capture Software

The Capture Software can be installed on PC or Apple laptops, as a low-cost, highly portable alternative to capturing rich-media presentations.


Capture Station

A powerful stand-alone appliance for recording and delivering high definition production-grade audio and video, the Capture Station offers automation too so instructors can focus on learning, not technology.

Capture Portal

Capture Portal

The Capture Portal is the venue for viewing content, but also the area to produce, schedule and manage that content. It’s also where the visual experience is determined for the users. Get a free trial account!




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