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Desire2Learn Capture Portal

Desire2Learn Capture Portal is a power house for storing, managing and viewing rich-media presentations. The web-based interface allows online participants to watch live and on-demand presentations and interact with the presenter and other participants. It is also the administrator tool to schedule events, brand and manage the media repository, and do post-production work on your recordings.

The key features of the portal are now an integrated part of Desire2Learn Learning Environment. Using the Capture Central link from the Navigation Bar, content creators can now record and embed live (streaming) or on-demand Capture content directly to users without having to exit Learning Environment.


Access, Search, and Comment on Demand

Desire2Learn Capture Portal offers the ability to build an excellent library of recorded events. The system's built-in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tool together with our powerful search allows not only locating the right presentation in the repository but also finding the point in the talk where the keyword is found. In addition to the search feature users can navigate the presentation via the built-in interactive Table of Contents with slide thumbnails. User comments that refer to a particular point on the timeline will automatically turn into links allowing viewers to navigate to a referred point, with the click of a mouse.

Intuitive Post-Production and Search

Administrators can use the web-based Producer tool in the Capture Portal to achieve a highly polished experience for their recorded presentations. Fine tuning of media elements and the addition of Closed Captioning offer an enhanced final product, while features such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and the ability to add Chapters and Table of Contents make the content of the presentations highly searchable for viewers.


Custom Look and Feel

Administrators can modify the look of the Capture Portal right in the browser. Customization may include uploading a banner bitmap, changing colors and fonts, or adding documents or main menu items. There is also the ability to brand individual presentations with the pre/post roll options in the Producer tool.


There are several options available to address the needs of hearing impaired viewers. The Producer tool allows for a full presentation transcript to be uploaded in SubRip subtitle format. Additionally Producer offers the native ability to create manual Closed Captioning or users have the options to add fully automated Closed Captioning through third party supported programs.

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