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Easily capture and share rich-media presentations anytime, anywhere.

CaptureCast Library

Your web audience will be able to access live CaptureCast presentations via a state of the art rich-media presentation player with video, audio and presentation aid components that can be easily configured to focus on different aspects of the presentations.

Below is a collection of CaptureCast demonstrations you can check out to get an idea for what Desire2Learn Capture can do for you.


Creative Education


TEDxToronto (TEDxTO) was established by an enthusiastic group of volunteers based in Toronto who are passionate about TED and generating "Ideas Worth Spreading". The theme of TEDxTO was "What's Next?". Desire2Learn Capture was used to deliver the live webcast for this amazing event to over 1000 participants across the world. In this video-only talk, Gavin Sheppard talks about creative education.


Web 3.0: Driven by Data, Powered by People

Video and Presentation Visuals

Innovative minds from Industry, Government and Academia come together at Canada 3.0 to explore the state of digital media today, identify what needs to be done, and together provide solutions for Canada’s digital media future. In this talk, Soniya Monga shares her views of the state of the Digital nation.

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