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Easily capture and share rich-media presentations anytime, anywhere.

Desire2Learn Capture Software

In production scenarios where portability and cost are the primary concerns, Desire2Learn Capture Software is a convenient alternative to the Desire2Learn Capture Station. Capture Software can be installed on standard PC and Apple laptops to provide a lower-cost, highly portable way to capture rich-media presentations. Both solutions provide online audiences with the same intuitive, interactive viewing experience.

Convenience and Portability

Whether you are traveling between locations or working from the comfort of your home or office Desire2Learn Capture Software provides a flexible alternative to the Capture Station appliance. Users can deliver a presentation with as little as a webcam and microphone, or incorporate PowerPoint slides to add additional visual support. A compact, highly portable webcasting solution relieves you of the stress involved in transporting, setting up, and then tearing down a complex audio/video production setup.

Capture Mobile Delivery Example

Presentation Capture for Tight Budgets

We recognize that not every production scenario calls for the high-end PC hardware and state-of-the-art components included in our Capture Station appliance. Capture Software gives organizations with tight budgets the option of creating low-cost webcasting solutions that suit their specific requirements. Build a custom rich-media capture solution with Capture Station Software and save.

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