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Easily capture and share rich-media presentations anytime, anywhere.

Desire2Learn Capture Station

Desire2Learn Capture is a presentation capture and webcasting solution that enables you to effortlessly capture rich-media presentations – with audio, video and visual aids – and broadcast them to online audiences, live and on demand. Our production-grade capture appliance records and webcasts audio, video, and synchronized visual aids with high definition capabilities. Recordings can be created with just a few clicks or by creating a presentation schedule, the Capture Station can be automated to create recordings, with no operator required.


Present as you Always Have

A presentation capture solution should stay out of the presenter's way, allowing them to communicate their message without hassle, whether it be in a board room, a classroom or a lecture hall. Desire2Learn Capture Station has been designed to operate unobtrusively, with minimum-to-no interaction required by the presenter so they don’t have to adapt their presentation style to accommodate the technology.

Rich Media and Reliable Recordings

Desire2Learn Capture Station has the horsepower to encode high definition video, crystal clear sound, and high-resolution visual aids. While some webcasting systems rely on remote servers to create recordings, the Capture Station's built-in storage is not affected by Internet connection problems so no matter what unanticipated network issues may occur, the fidelity of your recordings remains intact.

Scalability through Automation

Desire2Learn Capture Stations can be fully automated, thus allowing you to schedule events and let the Stations do all of the work, automatically activating at the appropriate time to record or webcast the scheduled events. This centralized scheduling system relieves you of the need to supervise the day-to-day operation of your Capture Station and allow the instructors to focus on the instruction and not the technology.

Automation is Scalability

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