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Desire2Learn Learning Environment. Create, discover, explore, connect and share.

Embracing formal and informal approaches to learning, Desire2Learn Learning Environment is propelling e-Learning forward by helping educators provide an experience that’s personal, perceptive, and pervasive. A mobile-ready environment combines usability, sophistication, and accessibility best practices with integrated social and collaborative tools to facilitate opportunities for students to learn wherever and whenever they can. By offering premium teaching and learning resources and powerful assessment and analytics capabilities, Desire2Learn Learning Environment is challenging conventional ideas about what a learning environment can and should be..

Does Your Learning Environment Do This?
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Design and Personalize

A user-friendly, intuitive learning management system with sophisticated course-building capabilities and unparalleled flexibility for meeting the unique administrative, teaching, or learning needs of instructors and your entire organization.

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Measure and Guide

An extensive range of powerful analytics, assessment and reporting options allow educators to collect course data at a granular level, assess and quickly react in order to optimize the learning experience where it will matter most.

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Communicate and Connect

Social plugins and browser extensions push the learning experience beyond the classroom, while intuitive and reliable communication, productivity and organizational tools allow users to easily participate and stay connected.

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Collect and Share

Reliable and intuitive information sharing along with productivity and organizational tools enable instructors and learners to easily collect and share information with peers - expanding knowledge and improving efficiency.

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Engage and Enrich

Make experiences in the classroom as rich as learners expect. Take advantage of virtually limitless multimedia support paired with a robust but easy-to-use interface to create an engaging learning experience and deliver the level of multimedia learners enjoy outside of the classroom.

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Get Anywhere Access

Responsive web pages adapt to the size of any screen, standalone mobile apps integrate seamlessly into Learning Environment and HTML 5-based displays render even the most dynamic webpages. Use your device of choice without any loss of critical functionality.

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