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The ultimate educational digital library for finding and sharing course resources

Desire2Learn Learning Repository

Desire2Learn Learning Repository is a learning content management system that allows you to effectively manage, harvest, and share learning objects. Enhanced, intuitive usability features allow institutions to manage their learning objects with ease in one standards-based product, with full-text search capability and easy integration with other content repositories like open education resources and libraries. Standards-based content packaging allows learning objects to be easily moved in and out of learning management systems while maintaining the integrity of the object.

In addition, Desire2Learn Learning Repository allows for external repositories to be linked in, providing a single interface for searching organizational content and external sources — a global ecosystem of educational resources. Learning Repository is flexible and allows for quick resource publishing and tagging as a stand-alone solution, or combines seamlessly with Desire2Learn Learning Environment as part of the world’s first truly integrated learning platform.

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With Desire2Learn Learning Repository users can:


Save Time

Realize dramatic time savings with centralized storage, fast and flexible browsing, powerful full-text search capabilities, advanced metadata editing, all in a clean, simple user interface.


Support Course Development

Provide a natural extension to the course creation process with the seamless integration of Desire2Learn Learning Repository and the LMS.


Leverage Interoperability

Aggregate materials from a number of sources including open educational resources, learning object repositories and other libraries into a single search interface.


Provide Support for Learning Objects

Promote sharing of content and assessments institution-wide through support of standards-based learning objects.


Reduce Costs

Achieve significant training, support, and file storage cost savings compared to other third party learning content management systems.




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