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Desire2Learn Assignment Grader

Grading Made Easier

Experience the freedom of full-feature grading from your mobile device with Desire2Learn Assignment Grader. Whether you are online or offline, Desire2Learn Assignment Grader provides quick and easy access to assignments allowing you to assess using rubrics, annotate with inline comments, and provide personalized text, audio or video feedback.


With Desire2Learn Assignment Grader, you can:

  • Shorten turnaround of grades and feedback
  • Provide meaningful inline comments using annotations
  • Increase student engagement through personalized audio or video feedback
  • Stay organized across multiple courses
  • Improve work-life balance
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Offline Access with Synchronization

When a wireless connection exists, assignments can be saved for offline use. Step away from your work desk - enjoy a trip to the cottage, take your kids to the hockey game, or simply change up your working environment, all without falling behind on work.

If the connection gets interrupted, no worries. Continue working offline with downloaded assignments. When wireless coverage is restored, simply synchronize with your Dropbox to upload grades and feedback, and download any new student submissions.

Multiple View Options

Switching between multiple views allows you to quickly get around submissions and grade in the workflow that you prefer. Multiple view options include:

  • View assignments by course, due date, or ungraded vs. graded
  • Sort Dropboxes by ungraded, name, due date, or grade

Support for Wide Range of Submission Types

Extensive file support means that students don't have to be restricted to essays and reports. Enhance the learning experience by introducing creative and engaging projects, without the worry of compatibility issues. Supported documents include:

  • Microsoft® Office® (Word®, Excel®, PowerPoint®)
  • Apple iWork (Pages, Numbers, Keynote)
  • Text based format (.txt)
  • Rich Text (.rtf)
  • Web Pages (.htm and .html)
  • Images: .png, .gif,.jpg, and .tiff
  • iPad-supported audio/video: eg: H.264, mp3, mp4

Personalized Feedback

Engage students by leaving written comments on their submissions, or providing personalized audio or video feedback. You can also annotate submissions with inline comments - highlight, underline and strikethrough; circle, draw and write anywhere; or insert notes at specific locations.

Through targeted feedback, you can encourage your students by highlighting what they are doing well, and direct their attention to focus on where improvements are needed.

Deep Assessment Capabilities Example

Deep Assessment Capabilities

Detailed and meaningful assessment doesn't have to be watered-down on mobile devices. You can make use of rubrics that you've pre-defined within Desire2Learn Learning Environment to assess transparently.

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