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Transforming the way the world learns starts with understanding the things in our way, and building innovative technology that helps overcome them. Staying true to this commitment, the Binder platform has been designed to help educators world-wide make the transition from print to digital by simplifying the discovery and acquisition of publisher content through eTextbook integration into the online learning experience. But it doesn’t end there. The Binder platform includes engaging, intuitive cross-platform mobile and desktop applications that allow learners to consume purchased eTextbooks, course content originating from the Desire2Learn Learning Environment as well as other personal learning objects, all in a single location with the tools they need to stay productive and organized. Introducing,


Publisher Academic Content at your Fingertips

As an integrated part of the Binder solution, Binder Shop includes thousands of titles including textbooks and study guides from a growing number of the world’s top academic publishers, with rent or buy options.

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Integrated Mobile eReader

Binder offers learners an intuitive and engaging experience with eTextbooks and other course content, right from a desktop, or today's leading tablets-online or offline. Packed with annotation and organizational tools, Binder apps are designed to help learners stay productive anytime, anywhere, for learning in the moment.


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Binder for Android

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An Integrated Part of Desire2Learn Learning Environment

As an integrated component of the Desire2Learn Learning Environment, Binder augments the online learning experience with an end-to-end digital content delivery platform that overcomes the print-to-digital challenges facing today's educators and learners.

Binder Fetch

Binder Fetch allows learners to easily pull documents from the Desire2Learn Learning Environment directly into the Binder app.

Send to Binder

Send to Binder allows learners to instantly push content from the Learning Environment directly to the Binder app.

Institutional Control and Security

Binder adheres to restrictions placed on content from the Learning Environment, balancing the the needs for learners to access content offline and the institutions' need to secure it. Instructors can set date restrictions or disable the ability for learners to export content outside of the Binder app.


Seamless Content Discovery and Acquisition

Book List widget in the Learning Environment serves as the point of discovery for eTextbooks, journals and other educational resources for both instructors and learners, reducing friction and delivering a seamless, integrated, and standardized eText experience.

From the Book List, instructors can search through publisher content, instantly evaluate desk copies, and assign to learners within a specific course. For learners, Book List provides a single location to discover and purchase assigned textbooks, directly from the Learning Environment.

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Let's bridge the digital divide together with Binder