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Introducing the Desire2Learn Mobile Developer Program

Deliver your apps through Desire2Learn Campus Life. The Desire2Learn Mobile Developer Program allows you to convert your existing app or develop new modules and publish them to colleges, universities, schools and corporations.

Expand Your Market

Expand Your Market

Make your app available to Desire2Learn Campus Life users. Desire2Learn's platform has already been adopted by millions of users worldwide.

Get Noticed

Get Noticed

Reach your target market by distributing through apps made for students. Don't get lost in the hundreds of thousands of apps in the app store.

Simplify Sales

Simplify Sales

Make it easy to distribute your app. Sell to campuses and organizations instead of individual students.


Download the Framework

iOSiOS Framework

AndroidAndroid Framework

BlackBerryBlackBerry Framework

Step 2

Learn by Example

Learn to build a module by following the walkthrough to build a sample.

iOS DocumentationiOS Walkthrough

Android DocumentationAndroid Walkthrough

Blackberry DocumentationBlackBerry Walkthrough

Step 3

Create Your Module

Write a new module or convert an existing app into a module. Try it in the test harness provided with the framework.

Step 4

Publish Your Work

Make your module available to the world.

Stackoverflow Icon

Stack Overflow

  • Post your questions and find solutions on StackOverflow . Remember to create new questions with the "Desire2Learn" tag so that they can easily be found.


More Information

  • To get more information on partnership opportunities or to get your module included in Desire2Learn Campus Life, please contact us at



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