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Success Stories & Whitepapers

We have a wide selection of product and service brochures, as well as client success stories, informative whitepapers, and helpful instructional guides.

Client Success Stories & Case Studies

Aimetis (322 KB)

Ensuring efficiency and quality standards with an online, scalable, and cost-effective partner certification process

Austin Peay State University (117 KB)

Meet Ellen Smyth, APSU 2010 Innovative Professor

Babcock & Wilcox Canada (606 KB)

Enabling employees in the field to meet strict industry compliance standards

Brisbane Grammar School (221 KB)

Creating a consistent content management system that mirrors the K-12 environment

Calgary Board of Education (179 KB)

Empowering K-12 students with advanced learning resource management capabilities

California University of Pennsylvania (189 KB)

Improving online education with enhanced communication and support

College of North Atlantic (531 KB)

Meet Holly Morris, STLHE 2013 College Sector Award Recipient

Columbia College (154 KB)

Creating a secure Online Campus that’s always available to learners

Credenda Virtual High School (211 KB)

Improving access to education and changing lives through passion and partnership

Degree Compass and Austin Peay State University (591 KB)

Predicting academic performance with a personalized course recommendation system

Edmonton Fire Rescue Services (564 KB)

Cost savings and improved critical incident learning with new online training system

Fanshawe College (140 KB)

Combining academic, administrative, and social resources in one integrated learning management platform

Fanshawe College (140 KB)

To set itself apart, a community college creates a different kind of MOOC

Infinity – Minnesota’s Digital Academy (146 KB)

Providing quality online learning opportunities to meet the needs of K-12 students

Kardinia International College (208 KB)

Empowering individual learners with a consolidated platform

Maplewood Richmond Heights (198 KB)

Effectively publishing and standardizing a digital curriculum

Minnesota State Colleges & Universities (144 KB)

Adding new dimensions of convenience and comprehensiveness to the learning experience

Nottingham Trent University (99 KB)

Creating a learning community for sharing educational resources

Portland Community College (367 KB)

Going beyond compliance to emphasize accessibility in the learning experience

Poudre School District (PSD) (190 KB)

Enhancing the learning experience with facilitated video content and management

Singapore Management University (102 KB)

Gaining a competitive advantage in higher education with an innovative learning platform

Southwestern Oklahoma State University (139 KB)

Achieving higher levels of online engagement by migrating to an enhanced learning platform

The Canadian Centre for Professional Legal Education (CPLED) (180 KB)

Creating a rich, self-directed learning experience for tomorrow’s professionals

University of Arizona Nursing School (153 KB)

Offering the nation’s first fully online nursing PhD program

University of Guelph (550 KB)

Meet Trent Tucker, STLHE 2013 Award Recipient

University of Guelph (502 KB)

Meet Jacqueline Murray, STLHE 2013 Award Recipient

University of Guelph: Office of Open Learning (133 KB)

Implementing a scalable, flexible, and personalized online learning solution

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee(938 KB)

Award-winning U-Pace sets a new standard for online learning

University of Wisconsin-System (894 KB)

A new College Readiness Math MOOC gets great marks at home and around the world. Segment: Higher Education

University of Wisconsin-System (136 KB)

Twenty-six Institutions, one centralized and collaboration-focused platform

Whitepapers & Instructional Guides






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