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Solutions For Life Long Learning

We believe that learning is about sharing and creating knowledge across a community of parents, instructors, technologists and students – an entire community working together to improve themselves and the world around them. And it doesn’t end with a score on a test or a single achievement. It’s a process that continues throughout a lifetime, encouraging the learner to achieve their highest and unique potential.


For that reason, we put the tools and technology to power lifelong learning into the hands of people everywhere – starting in K-12 environments, carrying through to Higher Education and even beyond as we enter the workforce.

We found the Desire2Learn platform intuitive and very easy to use; it accommodates our facultys needs. Our vision is for students to discover themselves and be ready for the future, and Desire2Learn will enable us to prepare our students for a world in which they create change.

Director of Teaching, Learning, and Technology, College of Charleston

Solutions for the entire learning community

We celebrate the great minds of teachers and instructors that champion better approaches to learning, the great minds of students and learners that embrace new ways of approaching and overcoming problems, and the great minds of technologists and leaders who shape the vision of learning for tomorrow. We don't just meet a diverse set of needs and circumstances, we celebrate the differences.