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Higher Education institutions at the leading edge are those that remain relevant and competitive by encouraging students to continue to grow and mature in their use of technology, not just for entertainment but for educational purposes. Desire2Learn offers the most mobile, social, intuitive, and personalized set of tools and resources available to engage the student and shape the learning experience in higher education – creating an intellectually vibrant campus that benefits faculty, administration, and executives while advancing the goals of the institution.

"Desire2Learn has really been a partner with us; they recognize that it's not just a take it or leave it approach. Very collaborative with their customers, they listen to us, they show results."

Vice-Chancellor and CIO, Minnesota State Colleges and Universities

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Personalizing Courses and Content
Our solutions offer flexibility for faculty and a personal learning experience for students.
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Effective Evaluation Process
Develop awareness or retention strategies and meet compliance requirements.
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Cost Effectiveness
Enabling institutions to enhance students' networks on and off campus.
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