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We're passionate about creating solutions that can ignite the desire to learn.

The Integrated Learning Platform

Inspiring Innovative Ways to Teach and Learn

Desire2Learn has partnered with our clients to pioneer a next generation learning solution that provides an engaging experience capable of directly addressing key challenges related to learner engagement, retention, and outcomes. This represents a shift from the simple course management capabilities of an LMS to a highly pervasive, perceptive, and personal learning experience.

From the physical classroom to learning on-demand

Our technology supports the shift in delivery from traditional face-to-face learning to online, blended, flipped, mobile, and accessible delivery options that facilitate learning anytime, anywhere.

    Usability and accessibility

    • Content in the cloud facilitates a more efficient and scalable way of managing information, helping to ensure that resources are always up-to-date, relevant, and accessible – anytime and anywhere.
    • Desire2Learn offers integrated solutions to capture, deliver and manage all types of content. Desire2Learn Learning Repository enables easy access to publisher content, library content, and other open educational resources using standards such as SRU and OAI-PMH.
    • Our seamlessly integrated lecture capture solution allows webcasts and rich-media presentations to be shared effortlessly with online audiences.
    • For institutions looking to offer MOOCs, we offer flexibility and control of their own content. Institutions retain ownership of content and data, control the course direction and integrity, award certified credit for MOOC study, and import content easily from within their existing Desire2Learn implementation.
    • Desire2Learn Open Courses is also available as a standalone cloud implementation. With both environments, learners can earn credits and benefit and from a rich, single, engaging platform experience.
    Blended Learning, On Demand, Online

      Content on-demand

    • According to the Learning Disabilities Association of America, an estimated one in seven Americans has a learning disability – Desire2Learn is an industry leader in creating the kind of accessible solutions that ensure that none of these millions of students, regardless of disability, is ever left behind.
    • Every step of the way, our design process ensures we're an industry leader in accessibility, helping to enable Section 508 compliance and striving to meet WAI guidelines like WCAG 2.0, ATAG 2.0, and WAI-ARIA.
    • In recognition of our ongoing commitment to annually test and certify the Learning Environment against the National Federation of the Blind's highest standards and build inclusive design into all our research and development practices, we received the Dr. Jacob Bolotin Award.
    • Available anytime, anywhere

    • Learning is no longer confined to the classroom. Extending access to tablets and smartphones lets learners and instructors interact with courses, services, and resources wherever and whenever it's most convenient. Recognizing the power and flexibility that mobile brings to learning, Desire2Learn includes mobile web support across multiple platforms with our free, device-agnostic HTML5 mobile web app.
    • Desire2Learn Binder™ offers a mobile and web-based app that enables learners to use their tablets or desktops to consume, annotate, and mark-up content from courses, e-textbooks, or cloud-based solutions like and SkyDrive® – providing greater opportunities to create a personal learning experience anytime, anywhere. Binder Shop offers learners access to thousands of educational titles – such as e-textbooks and study guides. Learners have the option to rent or buy content from directly within the Learning Environment.
    • Mobile ePortfolio takes social and experiential learning everywhere enabling learners to store, organize, and share their educational experiences, goals, progress, and accomplishments. With Mobile ePortfolio, learners can document and reflect on their learning experiences and achievements wherever their day takes them - helping them transform informal learning into formal goals and objectives.
    • Delivering at Cloud speed

    • Our platform allows for the ongoing, continuous delivery of upgrades without interruption, offering the newest innovations quickly and effortlessly.
    • We work to ensure the system is available when your users depend on it the most – whether that's during semester start, exam time, or employee onboarding. Zero-downtime upgrades also give you the flexibility to run the latest version and upgrade when it's most convenient for you.
    • We're built for scale - offering a solution that allows us to support millions of learners – so you can trust it to support your growing communities of users.
    • We ensure your data is safe, with real-time backup at no cost to you via secure, geographically diverse data centers.
    • Integration

    • Our freely-available, open APIs (Desire2Learn Valence) allow for integration with hundreds of other apps and services to create a truly integrated experience for the end user.
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From rigid structures to informed, predictive, and adaptive learning

Analytics has facilitated the shift from common assessments, one-size pacing, and the gradebook to adaptive, informed, and predictive experiences that are transforming learning engagement and outcomes.

    Intelligent Education

    • The analytics tools that drive our approach to delivering a more perceptive learning experience are a key point of difference for Desire2Learn technology. With tracking capabilities to measure learners' understanding of concepts, we help teachers differentiate and personalize instruction in precise ways by predicting, adapting, and intervening to lay out a path to greater success.
    • Desire2Learn Analytics Essentials™ offers an extensive range of powerful analytics and reporting options that allow instructors to collect course data at a granular level, assess, and quickly react in order to optimize the learning experience where it will matter most. These powerful tools are all available as part of the core functionality in our Learning Environment – providing the critical day-to-day essentials that instructors need to effectively manage the learning process.
    • Widely regarded as one of the leading analytics solution available on the market, Desire2Learn Insights™ offers an advanced suite of predictive and analytical tools that track, analyze, and assesses learner achievement over time and at multiple levels. These advanced tools provide instructors with the means to deliver a personalized, data-driven learning experience that can directly impact an individual's concept mastery and success.
    • Intelligent Agents allow instructors to proactively identify at-risk learners by receiving notifications in real-time, affording them the visibility they need to intervene and provide support where it's really needed.
    • The Degree Compass™ tool offers a personalized, web-based course recommendation solution that uses predictive analytics to guide students' course selection in a way that not only enhances the rate of academic success but also drives on-time completion of their degree.
    Adaptive, Informed, Predictive

      Developed with expert insights

    • Degree Compass and our Student Success System™ tool leverage mathematical algorithms and computations built by a team of PhDs specializing in analytics, predictive modeling, and data science.
    • Desire2Learn has a growing analytics advisory board that includes influential mathematicians, statisticians, and engineers to engage in product research that benefits learning outcomes.
    • Desire2Learn also plays a central role in IBM's Smarter Analytics Education initiative, an education performance management solution aimed at aligning education, employment, and economic sustainability.
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From one-size-fits-all to one-size-fits-me

As content and analytics build up over time, technology can empower educators to deploy targeted learning strategies and help guide the decisions that both themselves and learners make - allowing everyone the opportunity to make their own choices, whether they're learning or guiding.

    From courses to competencies

    • The approach to learning is no longer one-size-fits-all, but relevant to the skills, pace and achievements of each individual learner. To help support this shift from courses to competencies, we offer instructors tools – such as release conditions – that can be linked to a competency or outcome achievement, allowing for greater flexibility and efficiency for the instructor and a more engaging, relevant experience for the learner.
    • Flexible Teaching, Tools and Training

    • We know that helping engage and encourage adoption is important to the success of any technology. We offer a training program that is delivered using a variety of methods to suit you – from in-person to train-the-trainer – and ensure your unique implementation is successful.
    • We also offer a free and open community to help facilitate and support the transfer of best practices as you make the important shift from traditional classroom to an online or blended environment.
    D2L Personalized
    • We offer advanced tools to help instructors be more efficient with their time so they can spend more of it on teaching. We take the effort and risk out of migrating course content, having successfully transferred hundreds of thousands of courses to our platform from other learning environments.
    • Advanced tools like Course Builder™ and Instructional Design Wizard also save instructors and course designers time and expense by enabling them to easily build high-quality content. Desire2Learn Assignment Grader supports offline grading and automatically syncs to the cloud once a network connection is available.
    • Lifelong Learning

    • Our tools can grow with learners and help them capture and reflect on their learning experiences as they move from K-12 to higher education and eventually the workforce.
    • myDesire2Learn™ allows individuals to continue to connect, build, and share their experiences after graduation through the use of ePortfolios.
    • Our growing list of other user-centric offerings, such as Desire2Learn Open Courses and Desire2Learn Binder, also provide opportunities to learn beyond the classroom by allowing learners and instructors to interact with courses, services, and resources beyond graduation.
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Working with Desire2Learn

As a longstanding partner in the education technology sector, Desire2Learn has built a credible and trusted reputation with our clients. Our client retention rate is among the highest in the industry, and clearly demonstrates the strength and commitment of our client partnerships. We are also focused on learning and innovation as core values of our organization.

We have created important roles for educators throughout our organization - from both content and technology perspectives. We marry the consultative input from clients with a commitment to bringing in educators to serve in product strategy, product management, and development roles – in addition to sales and marketing.

We understand that teaching and learning can't be replaced by technological innovations. These are tools to support the education community. The educators we have on staff provide daily input and review working across all areas in the company. This is a key difference in how we operate and how we partner with our clients to build long term sustainable and valuable relationships.



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