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The Personal Learning Experience
Enabling a new generation of students to lead and succeed
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Emerging technologies offer a new model for delivering learning experiences that leaves behind the textbook-driven, paper-and-pencil learning methods of the past. This model embraces a student-centered approach incorporating highly social, interactive, and personalized opportunities to learn while providing teachers with the type of evaluation tools that drive better decisions and outcomes. We understand the importance of putting students first with a focus on achieving their unique learning objectives.

Desire2Learn responds to their customers. I'm impressed with the level of input, collaboration, and commitment for continuous improvement of the system to benefit all students.

Principal, Gwinnett County Public Schools

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Westside High School, Georgia

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Deliver a personalized learning experience
Offering flexibility to serve the needs of each teacher and student.
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Blended learning
Enabling teachers to blend the traditional classroom with the benefits of online learning.
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Professional development
An easy-to-use platform for completing professional development activities.
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